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If you were a customer with Economical on November 3, 2015, and recently received an information circular from Economical about our upcoming special meeting, you are eligible to vote in the final stage of our demutualization process. If you and your peers vote in favour of demutualization, you will be entitled to receive cash or shares when our company converts to a public company.

To make that outcome possible, we are asking eligible policyholders to vote in favour of demutualization before May 10, 2021, either online, by phone, or by mail. Your vote will support the resolution to be considered at the special meeting on May 20, 2021. Details of the resolution and the special meeting are in the information circular that was sent to you, which can also be found here.

A positive vote from two-thirds of eligible policyholders who cast a vote will allow Economical to continue its demutualization process, and proceed to become a public company later this year.

How much could I get?

Benefits for eligible policyholders will range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The actual value of cash or shares you will receive will depend on the nature and duration of your policy, as well as the market value of the company at the time of our proposed IPO.

Support the outcome you want.

Make sure you cast your ballot, so you don’t miss out on your portion of the financial benefit that would result from a vote in favour of demutualization. If a two-thirds vote of support to demutualize does not occur, the process will be terminated.

Stay informed

Get the latest updates as we progress through the last stages to potentially becoming a publicly traded company.

March 24, 2021

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February 22, 2021

Getting Ready to Vote — An Update from John Bowey, Chair of the Board of Directors, February 2021

How do I vote?

Review the information circular. Then, we encourage you to vote online (or by phone or mail) any time before May 10, 2021.

Remember, the distribution of benefits will only happen if there is a successful vote in favour of the demutualization of the Economical Mutual Insurance Company ("for" on the ballot).

Vote Now

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Grab your Economical policy, have your policy number (and postal code) ready, enter thet info to register Grab your Economical policy, have your policy number (and postal code) ready, enter thet info to register

About the Special Meeting on May 20, 2021

The special meeting will be held virtually, the third and final such meeting in the demutualization process. If two thirds of the eligible policyholders who vote do so in support of the resolution to demutualize, the company will proceed with the next steps toward becoming a public company. For eligible policyholders, this will mean receiving benefits in the form of common shares or cash when we complete our proposed IPO, so vote before May 10, 2021 to lock in your support!

Looking for more information on what our demutualization means?

Watch this 90-second video: >>>>

Thank you for being part of our historic journey

We’re excited to become a public company and to have our eligible policyholders receive financial benefits.

Have questions? See our FAQ page.

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